Angella Schroller

Senior Director of Education

Angella brings more than 25 years of experience in education to her position as Senior Director of Education. Entering the field as a Preschool Teacher, she quickly developed a passion for educational leadership and has held positions as Center Director, Regional Manager, and School District Administrator with a primary focus on serving children ages 0-8 and developing teachers and leaders. Her work has focused on teacher and family relationships, quality initiatives, accreditation, human resources, compliance, community partnerships, school systems and structures, and overall educational best practices. Angella holds a BA in Child Development and an MS in Organizational Leadership, both of which she obtained as a full-time working mom. Additionally, she holds certificates in K-12 Educational Leadership and Early Childhood Coaching. In the Senior Director of Education role, Angella leads the Early Education and Elementary Education departments in implementing the organization’s strategic vision and mission while ensuring successful day-to-day operations in partnership with the Principal and Director of Early Education.

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