Did you know that even before the emergence of COVID-19 36% of 4th graders read behind grade level, and students who cannot read at grade level by 4th grade are 4 times more likely to drop out of high school? 4th grade is so important because that is the year when students go from learning to read to reading to learn, and using reading to learn all other subjects like history, science and math. This year, especially with virtual and hybrid education, it is pertinent that children have all the tools they need to have a successful school year to keep their foundation for their futures stable and strong.

Please help support our children by making a donation to our Back to School – #ChangetheOdds Fundraiser. The goal of this fundraiser is to raise $25,000 for scholarships and other essential items needed for our students to come back to school both safely and effectively.

For over 78 years, Jack & Jill Children’s Center has been dedicated to helping children from low-income communities in South Florida reach their full potential by providing high-quality education. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more students than ever before are at risk to fall behind. Jack & Jill Children’s Center and The Madelaine Halmos Academy are leading the charge for high-need children by instilling the magic and joy needed to turn children into life-long learners, but we need your help to Change the Odds for these in-need children and families. Please make a gift to unlock a child’s potential and create lasting systemic change.