Board of Directors

Board of Directors

In order to ensure our effectiveness on behalf of our children, families and community, and to fulfill our organizational mission, the Board of Directors of Jack & Jill Center is charged with the overall governance of the organization.

The Board monitors program performance; ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations and contractual obligations; monitors financial performance and reviews and approves the organizational budget; reviews the annual external audit of Jack & Jill Center by our independent auditors; supports organizational fundraising efforts; and supports, monitors and evaluates the performance of the Chief Executive Officer.

The Board of Directors has 30 voting members and meets four times annually. The Board also functions through various committees, including the Executive Committee, Development and Marketing Committee, Finance Committee, which meet separately throughout the year.

Board of Directors

Scott MacLaren

Vice President
Susan Cameron

Jeffery Klink

Ann Payne

Board of Directors
Alé Arnold
Ray Berry
Pat Damoorgian
Denise Day
Justin DuVernois
Robert Given
Julious Grant
Bill Hawk
David Herman
Christine Jolley
Robert Lochrie
Elizabeth Lowsky
Greg Martin
Bruce March
Sigrid McCawley
Pat McKay
Tom McManus
Neki Mohan
Kate Murphy Voltz
Lily Pardo
Angie Parker
Tim Petrillo
Caitlin Stella
Casey Swercheck
Stephanie Toothaker

Steve Halmos
Honorary Director

Amy Jewell
Chief Executive Officer

Frances T. Payne †
Executive Director 1969-2007

Terry Stiles †
Board Member 2003-2017