“Staying Focused On Our Mission!” -Heather Siskind

To our valued friends and supporters:

The global spread of COVID-19 has led to unparalleled disruption in our lives and livelihoods. In this time of uncertainty, we would like to take a moment to wish you well and share our current plan of action.

Over our 78 year history, we have faced significant obstacles when navigating periods of volatility and unpredictability. This time is no different. Our top priority, as always, will be on supporting our children, families and team members while providing services to those in need and staying focused on our mission.

Even though we have closed our Early Education Center and our elementary school, The Madelaine Halmos Academy, we are continuing our education programs and family support services daily, taking advantage of digital services. Please click here to view the resources we continue to provide. In addition to educational resources, we have utilized community partnerships to provide meals and groceries to our children and families.

In the wake of this pandemic, we anticipate experiencing financial implications that will greatly affect our organization. It is my earnest hope that our funders, donors and community agencies will continue their support through these unprecedented times.

We offer our most sincere gratitude to those individuals and organizations who have partnered with us and continue to support us at this time and year-round. Thank you!

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Stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch with us!

Kind regards,