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The Fran Payne Society

The Fran Payne Society is an individual giving society that was established in 2004 to generate annual, multi-year gifts to support Jack & Jill Center. It is named in honor of Frances T. Payne in recognition of her “Four Decades” of continuing service to Jack & Jill Center.

Fran became the Executive Director of Jack & Jill Center in 1969, a title she held for over 38 years. Under her leadership, the Center went through two prominent expansions. The first was to increase the number of children receiving services from 48 to 170. The second was the expansion of the support programs offered to include a food and clothing bank, a lending library, a job resource area and the provision of our Family Program.

Throughout the years, Fran has been described as “an icon” and a “tireless worker,” helping “at promise” children and families in the community. This work has been her lifetime ministry, always ready to lend a “hand up” to families in need. She is admired and cherished by children, parents, staff and community leaders.

For more information, please contact:
Maria Meyer
Chief Development Officer
(954) 463-8772, ext. 203