The Madelaine Halmos Academy Summer Camp program is where children learn new skills, make new friends, and create memories for a lifetime! Our theme for Camp 2020 is “STEAMing Through Summertime,” and our campers are in for some exciting, hands-on learning, preparing them for future opportunities offered by STEAM in the 21st century.Β 

Our Summer camp program welcomes children from ages 5 through 12.*Β Camp hours are 6:30 AM to 6:00 PM with free nutritious breakfast, lunch, and snacks provided. Our Summer Camp program increases student success and preparedness for the academic school year by engaging children in a variety of enrichment activities. These activities include math, literacy, coding, social/emotional learning, art and science projects, fitness games, and more. There’s always something fun happening at MHA Summer Camp, and we can’t wait to rock the summertime with all of our friends!

*Prospective campers must have already attended Kindergarten to be enrolled in Summer camp.

For more information about our Summer Camp program, please contact Enrichment Program Coordinator Kiana Ovalle or call (954) 712-2472.Β