Team Member Directory

To contact a Jack & Jill Team Member, please call (954) 463-8772
and the corresponding extension, or click on the name to send an email.


Heather Siskind, Chief Executive Officer, ext. 205
Susan Stanley, Chief Financial Officer, ext. 204
Maria Meyer, Chief Development Officer, ext. 203
Susan Rakes, Chief Program Officer, ext. 231

Finance and Human Resources
Cassandra Dennis, Finance and HR Manager, ext. 216

Jennifer Swercheck, Director of Special Events, ext. 206
Lauren Bernstein, Grants Manager, ext. 257
Patti Hommes, Development Manager, ext. 246
Alana Wortsman, Business Development Manager, ext. 217
Sydney Stelter, Marketing Manager, ext. 255

Tara Villanueva, Office Manager, ext. 124
Jose Vargas, Facilities Coordinator, ext. 124

Anne Meoli, Director of Health Initiatives, ext. 254

Jeanette Johnson, Director of Family Program, ext. 208
Ashley King, Family Program Senior Manager, ext. 114
Teisha Parchment, School Counselor, ext. 256
Tanisha Prince, Family Engagement Specialists, ext. 207
Jazmin Walker, Enrollment Specialist, ext. 249

Angella Schroller, Director of Early Education, ext. 101 

Room 103, ext. 103
Carline Sainvil

Room 104, ext. 104
Toni Reed-Lofton
Victoria Cook

Room 105, ext.105
Tiffany Wright
Anna Champagne

Room 112, ext. 112
Sharisse Brantley

Room 113, ext. 113
Janibel Torres
Alissa Bipat

Room 117, ext. 117
Connie Hernandez
Sandra Brown

Room 118, ext. 118
Alexandra Lazo

Room 119, ext. 119
Nathalie Dorvil
Tonita Richardson

Room 120, ext. 120
Mary Thomas

Resource Teachers
India Ashley
Carolina Dixon
Regine Elisme
Elaine Harp
Patricia Hercules
Peteria Holmes
Sarah Ocean
Maliska Parrish
Charlotte Reese
Melissa Romero

Food Service, ext. 125
Bill Butler, Food Service Manager
Marquise Robinson, Food Service Support Staff

Kathy Capobianco, Finance Coordinator, (954) 712-2471
Lynn Diamond, Curriculum and Assessment Specialist, (954) 712-2472
Brenda Boddiger, Enrichment and Support Manager
Norma Miller, Food Service Support Staff, (954) 712-2472

Marjorie Constant, Kindergarten Teacher
Diamos Demerritt, Kindergarten Teacher
Jamie Cross, First Grade Teacher
Denise Foreman, Second Grade Teacher
Arline Rodriguez, Third Grade Teacher
Sarah Saintil, Fourth Grade Teacher
Classroom Assistants
Zuaneshia Davis
Vicki Dinkins
Jackie McCray
Sylvia Rease
Connie Wright

All Madelaine Halmos Academy Teachers meet at least one of the following requirements:

• Bachelor’s Degree or higher in any subject (copy of diploma or completed transcript)
• Three or more years of K-12th grade teaching experience (written proof of contacting
the previous employer)
• Special skills, knowledge, or expertise that qualifies them to provide instruction in K-12th
grade subjects (provide documentation such as certifications, professional
development, curriculum training, etc.). Pre-K experience and certifications would not
meet this requirement.