Team Member Directory

To phone a team member at Jack & Jill Children’s Center, dial (954)463-8772 and their extension (ext.)






Heather Siskind 205 Chief Executive Officer hsiskind@jackandjillcenter.org


Susan Stanley 204 Chief Finance Officer sstanley@jackandjillcenter.org
Barry Johnson 210 Senior Finance Manager bjohnson@jackandjillcenter.org
Cassandra Dennis 216 Finance Manager cdennis@jackandjillcenter.org


Maria Meyer 203 Chief Development Officer mmeyer@jackandjillcenter.org
Jennifer Swercheck 206 Director of Marketing and Special Events jswercheck@jackandjillcenter.org
Patti Hommes 246 Development Manager phommes@jackandjillcenter.org
Jiwon Tilghman 257 Grants Manager jtilghman@jackandjillcenter.org
Alana Wortsman 217 Business Development Manager awortsman@jackandjillcenter.org
Sydney Stelter 255 Marketing Coordinator sstelter@jackandjillcenter.org

Family Strengthening

Jeannette Johnson 208 Family Strengthening Program Director jjohnson@jackandjillcenter.org
Ashley King 256 Senior Manager of Child Success ariggs@jackandjillcenter.org
Teisha Parchment 256 School Counselor tparchment@jackandjillcenter.org
Tanisha Prince 207 Family Engagement Specialist tprince@jackandjillcenter.org
Jazmin Walker 249 Enrollment Specialist jswalker@jackandjillcenter.org
Candice, Cristal, Sarah 252 Family Strengthening Program Intern(s) intern@jackandjillcenter.org


Jacqueline Berlin 101 Education Program Manager jberlin@jackandjillcenter.org
Tara Villanueva 124 Administrative Assistant tvillanueva@jackandjillcenter.org
Jose Vargas Facilities Coordinator jvargas@jackandjillcenter.org

Early Learning Center

Jenise Lee 103 Lead Teacher jlee@jackandjillcenter.org
Carline Sanvil 103 Teacher csainvil@jackandjillcenter.org
Mary Thomas 104 Lead Teacher mthomas@jackandjillcenter.org
Chrissy Miley 104 Teacher cmiley@jackandjillcenter.org
Nathalie Dorvil 105 Lead Teacher ndorvil@jackandjillcenter.org
Shamika Delcine 105 Teacher sdelcine@jackandjillcenter.org
Tiffany Wright 112 Lead Teacher twright@jackandjillcenter.org
Anna Champagne 112 Teacher achampagne@jackandjillcenter.org
Toni Reed-Lofton 113 Lead Teacher treed-lofton@jackandjillcenter.org
Sharisse Stewart-Brantley 113 Teacher sbrantley@jackandjillcenter.org
Janibel Torres 117 Lead Teacher jtorres@jackandjillcenter.org
Connie Hernandez 117 Lead Teacher chernandez@jackandjillcenter.org
Tasse Knapp 118 Lead Teacher tknapp@jackandjillcenter.org
Marianne Lobban 118 Teacher mlobban@jackandjillcenter.org
Yvette Pierre 119 Lead Teacher yphilostene@jackandjillcenter.org
Tonita Richardson 119 Teacher trichardson@jackandjillcenter.org
Alexandra Lazo 120 Lead Teacher alazo@jackandjillcenter.org
Zynalla John 120 Teacher zjohn@jackandjillcenter.org
Brenda Allen Resource Teacher ballen@jackandjillcenter.org
Somalia Delia Resource Teacher sdelia@jackandjillcenter.org
Peteria Holmes Resource Teacher pholmes@jackandjillcenter.org
Bill Butler 125 Lead Cook bbutler@jackandjillcenter.org
Donnovan Palmer 125 Porter dporter@jackandjillcenter.org
Derwin Thomas 125 Cook dthomas@jackandjillcenter.org

Elementary School

Kathy Capobianco (954)712-2471 Finance Coordinator kcapobianco@jackandjillcenter.org
Norma Miller (954)712-2472 Nutrition Manager/Reception Desk nmiller@jackandjillcenter.org
Dalicia Preval Kindergarten Teacher dpreval@jackandjillcenter.org
Connie Wright Teacher cwright@jackandjillcenter.org
Jamie Cross First Grade Teacher jcross@jackandjillcenter.org
Sylvia Rease Teacher srease@jackandjillcenter.org
Arline Rodriguez Second Grade Teacher arodriguez@jackandjillcenter.org
Charlotte Reese Resource Teacher creese@jackandjillcenter.org
Fran McDougle Resource Teacher fmcdougle@jackandjillcenter.org
Brandon Carter After-care Teacher bcarter@jackandjillcenter.org
Marquise Robinson After-care Teacher mrobinson@jackandjillcenter.org

Step Up For Students

Alicia Diaz (954)789-0241 ELC at Step Up for Students