Team Member Directory

To phone a team member at Jack & Jill Children’s Center, dial (954)463-8772 and their extension (ext.)






Heather Siskind 205 Chief Executive Officer


Susan Stanley 204 Chief Finance Officer
Barry Johnson 210 Senior Finance Manager
Cassandra Dennis 216 Finance Manager

Human Resources

LaChaux Rich 231 Human Resources Manager
Jose Vargas Facilities Coordinator


Maria Meyer 203 Chief Development Officer
Jennifer Swercheck 206 Director of Marketing and Special Events
Patti Hommes 246 Development Manager
Jiwon Tilghman 257 Grants Manager
Alana Wortsman 217 Business Development Manager
Sydney Stelter 255 Marketing Coordinator

Family Strengthening

Jeannette Johnson 208 Family Strengthening Program Director
Ashley Riggs 256 Senior Manager of Child Success
Teisha Parchment 256 School Counselor
Tanisha Prince 207 Family Engagement Specialist
Jazmin Walker 249 Enrollment Specialist
Candice, Cristal, Sarah 252 Family Strengthening Program Intern(s)


Trevor Roberts 254 Director of Education
Jacqueline Berlin 101 Education Program Manager 
Tara Villanueva 124 Administrative Assistant

Early Learning Center

Jenise Lee 103 Lead Teacher
Carline Sanvil 103 Teacher
Mary Thomas 104 Lead Teacher
Nathalie Dorvil 105 Lead Teacher
Shamika Delcine 105 Teacher
Tiffany Wright 112 Lead Teacher
Anna Champagne 112 Teacher
Toni Reed-Lofton 113 Lead Teacher
Sharisse Stewart-Brantley 113 Teacher
Sharonda Wright 117 Lead Teacher
Rochondria Ryles 117 Teacher
Tasse Knapp 118 Lead Teacher
Janibel Torres 118 Teacher
Yvette Pierre 119 Lead Teacher
Tonita Richardson 119 Teacher
Alexandra Lazo 120 Lead Teacher
Zynalla John 120 Teacher
Brenda Allen Resource Teacher
Peteria Holmes Resource Teacher
Bill Butler 125 Lead Cook
Donnovan Palmer 125 Porter
Derwin Thomas 125 Cook

Elementary School

Kathy Capobianco (954)712-2471 Finance Coordinator
Norma Miller (954)712-2472 Nutrition Manager/Reception Desk
Dalicia Preval Kindergarten Teacher
Connie Wright Teacher
Jamie Cross First Grade Teacher
Sylvia Rease Teacher
Arline Rodriguez Second Grade Teacher
Marianne Lobban Teacher
Charlotte Reese Resource Teacher
Fran McDougle Resource Teacher
Brandon Carter After-care Teacher
Marquise Robinson After-care Teacher

Step Up For Students

Alicia Diaz (954)789-0241 ELC at Step Up for Students